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Community Events
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Hassle-free Fundraisers to Benefit Charitable Organizations

  • e-Waste Recycling Events
  • Cell-Phone Drives


Offer your community a way to responsibly dispose of the electronics that are cluttering their closets and raise money for a charitable organization at the same time!

Each year millions of computers, TVs, cell phones and other electronics become broken or obsolete. While a small percentage are reused or recycled, the remainder litter closets, drawers and unfortunately landfills. How these obsolete electronics are handled is of great importance for several reasons:

  1. They contain heavy and precious metals like mercury, cadmium and lead that can leach from landfills contaminating our water supply.
  2. The plastics, glass and precious metals they contain can be reused in new products. This reduces mining and conserves energy and natural resources.
  3. It is against the law in California to throw these items in the garbage with fines up to $25,000.

Because these items have reuse value, they offer a tremendous opportunity to raise money for charitable organizations. Host a cell phone or e-waste drive at your school, office or other group.

Program Benefits

  • No up-front costs to establish a program
  • Templates for public relations, flyers, and emails make it easy to promote
  • Easy and convenient to produce
  • Ecologically responsible


e-Waste Recycling Events

The EPA estimates that nearly 6 million obsolete computers, monitors and televisions are stockpiled in California households alone! Hosting an e-waste recycling event with ease e-waste will assist your community in the proper disposal of their old electronics and raise money for your organization at the same time. It’s as ease-e as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select a date
  2. Recruit Volunteers
  3. Spread the Word

On event day, our neatly uniformed service personnel will arrive promptly at your location in one of our ease e-waste trucks to quickly and securely collect the e-waste your event generates. After the materials are sorted and recycled, we’ll cut a check to your charitable organization for a percentage of the proceeds.


“Recycling offers opportunities for everyone to help reduce climate change, save energy, and conserve natural resources. When Americans combine their personal recycling with industrial recycling, they significantly contribute to the protection of the global environment.”

-- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


“It has been an easy extension for our friends who are already donating their gently worn clothing, to also want to recycle their old cell phones. People are able to feel good about putting these items back to work for their community. ”

-- Jerri Rosen, Working Wardrobes



Start Your Fundraiser Today!

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Cell Phone DrivesActive Image

Nearly 130 million cell phones are retired in the US each year, yet less than 5% are recycled or reused. Recycling programs keep an estimated $630,000 of precious metals from circuit boards out of landfills and enough copper from phone chargers to recover the statue of Liberty twice.* (Source: Recellular Inc.)

ease e-waste can provide your organization with the tools and support for a quick and easy cell phone drive that will help put these phones back to use for our communities and raise money for your organization at the same time.

It’s as ease-e as 1, 2, 3:

1. Set up collection boxes

2. Spread the word via email and flyers

3. Collect & ship the phones using our pre-paid shipping labels

After the phones and chargers are sorted and recycled, we’ll cut a check to your charitable organization for a percentage of the proceeds.


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